For decades, Lusiarte has been committed to offering the very best from the initial concept to the completed installation without forgetting the all important finishing touches and follow-up. Today, we continue to build beautiful pieces that combine a passion for our craft with our expert technical knowledge, but have added the benefit of precision technology. Each skeleton is handcrafted by the best cabinetmakers, our pieces are built to last.

Working with the finest materials, our carpenters and cabinetmakers enjoy every step, from start to finish, and take pride in delivering projects of the highest possible quality.

Now, a staff of 50, we continue to meet directly with architects, builders and clients to ensure we offer a truly bespoke service that focuses on the individual needs and desires for beautiful and durable interiors. Our workshop covers 4000m2  in which we are able to produce work that meets the most demanding requests from our clients at the best possible value.


Originally, Paços de Ferreira, north of Porto was fertile ground, but has become – in over a century – the home of Interior Furnishings in Europe. There, the best craftsmen and workers are masters in the design and manufacture of furniture and cater to the most demanding throughout Europe. The most renown brands have set up shop in the city to take advantage of this expertise.

That’s where it all began, in 1970; Angelo established his expertise in making some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture (chairs, tables, chests, …) in his small workshop. Only the best materials for the finest results from him and his trainees.

Gradually, bespoke cabinetry became his niche. The workshop expanded, and there was a team of craftsmen. Today, Angelo’s heritage – the best techniques – coexists with modern technology to offer superior quality, great choice and excellent value, and to meet the ever more discerning customers’ needs and expectations.


Each and every piece is handcrafted in our workshop by our select team of artisans, carpenters and cabinetmakers. Our technical knowledge and skills guarantee stunning results. Our concern for ergonomics lead us to create everyday usable sets. Commited to every aspect of a project, with special attention given to each detail, we give shape and texture to your custom design.




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